Alumni and Group Travel

The educated people who take AHI trips have ties to some of the finest alumni associations and institutions. They have spent a lifetime learning and don’t plan to stop now. What’s more, they travel for many of the same reasons. Curious and eager to enjoy the sweet side of life, many are looking for new experiences, new friends and a reminder of all the things they’ve always loved but have never had the time to pursue – visiting the setting for their favorite epic novel, photographing the view that inspired Van Gogh or studying the ruins of an ancient culture that continues to influence international affairs today.

Traveling with fellow alums, business colleagues or a group in general gives you distinct advantages, especially through AHI Travel:

  • Free yourself from daily logistics to live in the moment.
  • Enjoy the benefits of quality hotels and excellent restaurants in the best locations, and the finest, pre-screened, off-the-beaten path destinations and side trips.
  • Travel in clean, newer coaches in ample numbers for travelers' comfort.
  • Relax into a comfortable pace that allows for rest stops, leisure time and transfers.
  • Share the day's amazing events with new friends over a glass of wine and dinner.
  • Benefit from access to places, experiences and rates that are available only through AHI's ability to buy in volume – things that would likely be cost prohibitive and difficult to arrange on one's own.
  • A dedicated support team serves every traveler and account. Your personal service representative is there for you before, during and after the trip. Enjoy the safety and security of traveling with experienced hosts.
  • AHI is endorsed by dozens of prestigious educational institutions, alumni associations and museums across North America.

We work hard to personalize every program. We tailor each trip to suit a group's focused needs. And if a traveler wants to visit a sight not on the itinerary, we do our utmost to secure reservations, alternative transportation and even an escort if desired, while the remainder of the group continues with the day's scheduled plans.

AHI Travel's relationships with the best travel industry partners in the world mean the best experience for you. From sea-going voyages on Crystal Cruises – voted the World's Best Large Cruise Line by readers of Travel + Leisure magazine – to our exceptional, direct access to the reservation systems of the Star Alliance and Lufthansa, we offer our travelers flights, rates and other travel options they can receive no place else.

What's more, AHI Travel knows its travelers well. Our staff inquires about your personal needs before you depart and actively attends to them during the trip. Once you travel with us, we make sure your preferences for airline seats, hotel room location, diet and special interests are observed on future trips with AHI.

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